Krescue - take full control of your VIM device! easy way to install ANY OS! + back/restore your system

You have to hold reset button for about 3 seconds whilst holding power button.
So in the order like.

Push and hold power button.
Plug in power whilst holding down power button.
Then press reset button for 3 seconds then release it.
Then release power button and Krescue should boot.

is it normal for you usb-c powerport on the khadas wiggle a little that it will lose power if moved slightly ?

Some are short and and don’t sit fully in the space supplied
The Khadas ones are normally a little longer.

So yes if your not careful it can pop out easily

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No, the Khadas screensaver still hangs. I tried on two sd, it did not help

plz write more detail

  1. board version
  2. how was writed krescue sd image
  3. check writed image ( must exist rescue dir on SD card )
  4. which os installed on emmc
  5. maybe other details … :wink:

triple press F key start system from SD - only for VIM1 VIM2 - last version boards - old version need forced short to maskrom mode

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I have Krescue on vim2 pro v1.4, it starts up automatically when power is applied, but I like it! :+1::grin:

That is, only through closure can you get into maskrom mode?

Yes, with your VIM2 version(1.2) you will need to physically short the MASKROM pads. The procedure is…

MRegister Mode(Maskrom Mode)

  1. Power on VIM2.
  2. Use a tweezer to short-circuit the two pads of the M register, and without releasing…
  3. Short press the Reset key and then release it, to boot into upgrade mode

Version 1.2 seen MASKROM pads location is shown here in orange…

If I recall, this only needs to be done the first time you run Krescue. After that I think it will boot to Krescue if the SD card is inserted prior to booting the VIM2.

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I know it’s not the right place to ask, but i don’t want to open another topic.

I can’t seem to boot armbian images on my vim3, i can boot vim1, but it’s impossible to boot it on vim3 2/16.

Multiboot is activated, i can boot latest sd-usb khadas images with green screen, because latest android is on emmc.

I did everything, dtb is khadas vim3, but it doesn’t want to boot, i did try keys method, but vim3 is only rebooting by itself when sd card with flashed armbian is inserted.

I don’t understand what am i doing wrong, i did ask this question on armbian forum, but it didn’t help, i am stuck with android.

I did thought that maybe sd card is corrupted, but i’ve tried with other sd cards, and the result is always the same.


If you have USB serial tool you could connect and see logs or use KBI to erase emmc?


Thanks, but i don’t have usb serial tool, and i don’t want to erase Android from emmc.

I didn’t have this problem befire, this started after the Armbian images became unified(Rk, Aml, Aw as one image), i’ve tried once before and it worked.

I didn’t use any Linux image before because i didn’t have heatsink, but now i want to use Vim3 with Ubuntu or Debian.

You probably understand me, svejedno hvala!

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For Armbian, try using the VIM3 A311D dtb.
Also try using Rufus(I use the portable version) to burn the card, I have had some issues with Etcher.


Forgot to mention, i am using win32 disk imager on win10, never had any problems.

I have coreelec nightly on sd working ok and wont to put it on mmc. How to copy files from sd to mmc??

Team CoreELEC ceemmc tool
Or Krescue CoreELEC Nightly via downloads option.
Make sure you take a CE Backup from your SD Card Build and SMB it to backup folder after
Emmc install.
You can then restore that build using CE Settings addon.

Yeah but mmc is erased from krescue and now vim3l is not booting from sd. It look like you need some android on mmc to start from sd or something. I dont have backup also :smiley:

Hold power button
Insert Power cable.
Hold reset for 3 seconds and release.
Release power button.
It will boot from SD Card.


some SD system dont have bootloader - and need emmc bootloader (uboot dtb … )…

sometimes its easy just byte2byte copy - for example by dd but sometimes its not possible :wink:

if u dont know howto;! plz use krescue for write coreelec nightly to emmc


Hi @hyphop
Please tell me what kind of img is needed to flash Manjaro to the eMMC using Krescue.

I can prepare an img accordingly so you can make a krescue img for it :smiley: