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Hello @hyphop thanks to reply :wink:

As I wrote on 2021-12-19 :

In fact 2 dumps VIM2 v1.2 and 3 dumps VIM3 v1.2

In the 2 VIM2 v1.2 KRescue Bootlog dmesg from UART console dumps files, we can notice that MAC address varies on every boots.
In the 3 VIM3 v1.2 KRescue Bootlog dmesg from UART console dumps files, MAC address is the same on every boots.
Maybe you could find out what is the problem while reading these files :slight_smile:

===> Where can I send you this archive ?


Hello @hyphop

I have installed Ubuntu minimal through online script on NVME drive and tried grub-install setup script.
With NVME support implemented more or less and grub2 support for ARM devices it would be great to have a graphical shell for multiOS selecting the distros installed on NVME drive.
Now I have a common grub2 start menu but I can’t use it for selecting as the keyboard doesn’t work. And it’s not convenient to edit grub.cfg each time to change the default distro to start.
Is there any way to make it interactive?
As there is no usb or usb_keyboard grub modules in arm version insmod usb_keyboard doesn’t work either.

Thanks again for your great work.

this common image have additional scripts setup which can help configure your system (works in ubuntu)

setup grub-update         	 grub update
setup grub-splash         	 grub splash setup
setup grub-splash-default 	 grub splash default setup
setup grub                	 grub install
setup help                   more help

Hi all, I’ve been away for a long time…
today, what are the diffent krescue installable OS options for a 2022 headless linux based on debian for my vim3L ?

PS: I have this one
and it is trash (unstable, and no serial console)

is the armbian bulleyes here Khadas VIM3 – Armbian a good thing to try to install w/ krescue ? any one already did that ?

yes try same krescue → online scripts → install armbian → …


Will you update online scripts for new fedora beta 36?

you can modify the existing script and change the f35 rootfs link with f36 rootfs link :slight_smile:
respectively for workstation:

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How to execute modified script in krescue? Online script always fetches from khadas source

Also is there a way to install this on sdcard instead of emmc?

Please add to krescue images latest volumio3 version Volumio 3 on Khadas devices - Khadas - Volumio

you can do the curl part of the install command:
i.e curl -jkL

then nano into the file, and modify the link, then save and execute it :slight_smile:

p.s the above will yield in fedora server installation
remember to type TYPE=Workstation and then execute if you want the workstation version

OK! tnx i will try to check it on next week!

i will check it next week too!

UPDATE: wellcome-to-fedora-36-15-1


This link is bad again…

is there a way to write emmc boot1/boot2/rpmb partition with krescue?
i missed any information about it.
thanks for the help.