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Krescue UPDATE

  • FROM: Fri Apr 30 06:21:33 2021
  • TIME: 1619763693
  • VER : 210430_254

New Features

  • mainline u-boot images update emmc without rewrite exist partitions (non destructive for your current emmc os (but its not about Android :wink: ))
  • copy uboot from Krescue Booted SD card to EMMC (same without rewrite exist partitions)
  • copy/write/update u-boot on SPI Flash
  • many other u-boot options check all in main-menu -> advanced -> experimental

NOTE: at this moment works as experimental as-is without any warranty - welcome for testing :wink:


  • main menu -> advanced -> experimental < NEW
  • main menu -> test -> Audio Test < UPDATED
  • many fixes
  • some other small changes and other improves



@hyphop why are the linux server images missing! :smiley:
VIM3_Ubuntu-server-focal_Linux-4.9_arm64_EMMC_V1.0.4.7-210421.raw.img.xz doesn’t exist


It’s very long time and Krescue image dump on is having all very old images.

I would appreciate if khadas team gives it some cleaning / organizing and updates to Ubuntu /manjaro /coreelec /Debian etc images for mainline specially.

I know everything is present in Fenix but Fenix requires a x86 build host (github doesn’t build properly sometimes) and downloading from github is also very very slow. I think many people will appreciate a clean and updated Krescue image list… If it takes too much effort, than no problem, we understand it’s a large task. Thanks again in advance…


yep ! will be updated soon


Hi all, it’s been a long time and i hope everyone is healthy enough,

please remind me of the best way using krascue and the lowest number of steps for transforming a brand new android based vim3L into a debian buster server booting directly from its emmc ?

Can the method be used if I only can connect to internet via wifi and not ethernet ?

As i wanted to boot on kresc flashed to my sd card, i interupted boot sequence in my serial console and typed ‘store init 3’ and then ‘reset’
but what i get in only this message on screen

so, what to do next ?

thanks, regards


It seems that my only option is to use the amlogic flashing tool to repopulate the emmc, according to VIM3 can't power on - #3 by ru719iz283 after using some chinese to english translator

Ok, I managed to install and boot VIM3L_Debian-server-buster_Linux-5.9-rc2_arm64_SD-USB_V0.9.3-200907 in EMMC, but number of steps is way too much to my taste!
After emmc wipe, I needed to…

  1. – flash a mainline uboot into emmc using flash tool CLI from a linux host, then
  2. – plug my krecue SD card and reset the vim3L to boot krescue,
  3. – connect some usb keyboard and hdmi monitor to get control of it, then
  4. – configured the access to my wifi network from the hdmi gui, then choose and installed the Debian-server-buster listed by krescue, after that
  5. – reboot the board without the sdcard and voilà !

Last step was to connect it again to the wifi network, and i did it with nmcli from the serial console screen; Now all is fine.

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no need wip emmc (only in special cases like uboot broken - or some boot loops fails ) just start your bottable krescue from sd (must be bootable for this board if u need whole start from SD)

I think my issue was having a legacy uboot (or whatever the board came with) in the EMMC and wanting to boot from a SD flashed with krescue : it just did not happen ! maybe because uboot on the krescue SD was mainline and not legacy ??
When I wanted to turn the vim3L into upgrade mode : I could see some weird android recovery mode on the hdmi screen and did not beleive I could use the flashing tool to write a mainline uboot image in the emmc

can someone please explain how to flash krescue into spi and immediately boot from it ?

Some information is here.


now its very easy

  1. update to last krescue
  2. advanced -> experimental -> write uboot to spi (need internet connection)
  3. confgure_device -> change bootmode to spi

@hyphop, latest Krescue still has the bug regarding downloading images which stops around 50-55%, no matter what settings options from Krescue I tried. That happens with all desktop images over 700MB size or higher, small images such as CoreElec or Ubuntu Focal Server 5.12(previous Krescue) which BTW has been removed and I don’t understand the reason for this?, those small ones can be fully downloaded and install from Krescue without issues.


BIG tnx !!! yes - bug - confirmed - sorry - i will fix it soon

That happens with all desktop images over 700MB size or higher, small images such as CoreElec or Ubuntu Focal Server 5.12(previous Krescue)

which BTW has been removed and I don’t understand the reason for this?, those small ones can be fully downloaded and install from Krescue.

OK! tnx for notification !! FIXED - already at same place


OK! problem was fixed !!! Big tnx again for your feedback !!!


new COREELEC.19.2-Matrix_rc2 installation images for Krescue

based on CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-19.2-Matrix_rc2
boards: VIM1 VIM3 VIM3L


  • khadas IR-RC works out of box


  • 4k display resolution fail
  • maybe something else :wink: please make feedback to coreelec team if happens

Checked / tested:

  • khadas rc/ir control suppported OK
  • onboard wifi OK
  • ethernet OK
  • bluetooth - OK
  • serial console (UART) - OK
  • simple install to emmc via Krescue
  • boot from emmc OK
  • boot from sd OK

Download: - Index of /Firmware/Krescue/images/ VIMx.COREELEC.19.2-Matrix_rc2.emmc.kresq



@hyphop Could you please add the latest android kresque image for VIM3L ? VIM3L_Pie_V210527.7z

Thanks in advance !

@Terry forget to make images for krescue , i will upload soon



VIM3_Ubuntu-server-focal_Linux-4.9_arm64_SD-USB_V1.0.7-21062 seems to have issues when installed on eMMC from krescue and isn’t booting :slightly_frowning_face:

tnx i will check it soon

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