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NEW IMAGES for VIM3L Debian/Ubuntu V0.9.4-200928 mainline minimal variant

PS: installation time just 40 sec


Hello @hyphop, so I just tried the following:

  1. Updated Kresque to the latest version
  2. Fully erased EMMC via Kresque
  3. Erased SPI flash - just in case
  4. Installed VIM3L_Ubuntu-minimal-focal_Linux-5.9-rc2_arm64_SD-USB_V0.9.4-200928.img.xz
  5. powered board off via Kresque menu
  6. Removed SD card
  7. Tried to boot and got the error message (see photo)

PS: the same result with Debian image.

Error reading cluster !!!

its very strange - i will check why its can be happens :wink:

Hello @hyphop

I’ve flashed VIMx.UBOOT.mainline.emmc.kresq with Krescue. Now I can boot any Linux distros images from SD-USB without green or pink color issues regardless what kernel is used. But now I can’t boot Android from eMMC.
I have latest release flashed from this image: VIM3.Android.Pie_V200624.emmc.kresq for my VIM3 Pro.
I’m sorry for my noob question but is there any way to make your mainline Uboot loading images not only from SD-USB but also from eMMC? If it is possible what I need to do?

Thank you for your fantastic work!

mainline uboot - can start from USB / SD / eMMC - for example try to install any ubuntu / debian images with mainline uboot and kernels

YES Android still use vendor uboot

Krescue system update 200930_388


  • add wizard mode - easy installation way for novice
  • improved wifi setup gui
  • rebuild-ed menus
  • add some tools and scripts …
  • many other small changes …

NOTE: this folder have latest images only

NOTE: no need rewrite exist krescue system!! if your sbc connected to internet Krescue ask about update if it exist



I decided to check the updates for VIM3L :), since the beginning of 2020 there have been no updates on Android TV (terrible support VIM3L :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:), is it possible to make an image for an ordinary android (this image)?

As far as I know, superceleron makes the only ATV ROMs for the VIMs. He does so on a voluntary basis. From what I hear he has been very busy with his paid job, of course, that takes priority for us all.
More recent versions of Android Pie exist.

A user has successfully built Android 11, they said it produced an ATV, maybe that will be of interest to you.


incredible (if this is not a joke)! :slight_smile: this is great news! But I don’t understand where can I download the image? Maybe @hyphop also adapts this firmware for installation (when it appears)?
Thanks for hope @RDFTKV (it`s realy positive news)! :slight_smile:


LOL I do not think it is a joke based on numbqq’s statement.
For now the firmware would need to be built from source by the user, as evidently androider has done.
Many independent developers and the Khadas team work to improve the VIMs, so yes, always hopeful and with good reason. VIM3 and VIM3L are now both officially recognized as official Android reference boards, that is a pretty big deal going forward.


…now we shall wait for one of the developers to share a krescue backup of the image :smile:

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…now we shall wait for one of the developers to share a krescue backup of the image :smile:

yes its will be very usable same

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Krescue Update

     __ _____  
    / //_/ _ \___ ___ ______ _____ 
   / ,< / , _/ -_|_-</ __/ // / -_)
 extreme tiny and fast rescue system

BUILD: 201208_186 from: Tue 08 Dec 2020 04:40:47 AM UTC


  • improve gui
  • improve xz images support
  • full support for Fenix images Debian / Ubuntu / Amlogick / Rockchip *.raw.img.xz
    ( fenix make command INSTALL_TYPE_RAW=yes COMPRESS_IMAGE=yes make) +
  • add context help
  • improve network stack
  • firewall added
  • improve networks storages support
  • improve kbi support
  • many other changes …

ADDITIONAL : new Android Debian Ubuntu - Edge Images => Krescue for EDGE (Rockchip rk3399)


Coreelec updated to 9.2.5 and nightly-builds to 20201209 for VIM1 VIM2 VIM3 VIM3L

NOTE: no need special download this images - all of images available by online installation from krescue !



added latest LIBREELEC image for EDGE fully workable

=> Krescue for EDGE (Rockchip rk3399)


@hyphop I have not found the ATV version 3. Can you add the third version to the list? And remove old versions from the list (it’s hard to navigate already).

ANDROID TV (ATV) from SC images UPDATES for krescue

SOURCES : image converter (beta test variant) =>

PS: somebody write me full list for latest workable ATV images plz ! i will make update krescue images


Working version VIM3L.Android.TV.v2.0-20200120.SC.emmc.kresq (I have it installed now), when version number 3 appears I can test it and write it better than previous ones or not (now you can definitely delete the version VIM3L.Android.TV_FINAL-v1.0-20191023.SC.emmc.kresq - outdated badly buggy version).

please check the sound search (this is the main thing in android TV) in all versions on Vim3l - voice search do not work and default keyboard do not work when you press ENTER (@superceleron claims that everything should work in all versions).

@hyphop perhaps somehow once install the TWRP and install the image as on a smartphone with root rights (is it very easy and wouldn’t have to bother you every time with a request to update the image?)? is it possible on vim3l?
P.S. New version android Pie for Vim3L (Builds v4 20201124 this is VIM3L.Android.Pie_V201113.emmc.kresq or not? Number in the title indicates that - no, but by the date of addition/create image it looks like the fourth version).