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Why is remote.conf ignored in the VIM3 Android setup? Is it not used at all, or just not in the usual /system/etc folder?

Hi, I think the android is clearly not this branch :slightly_smiling_face:

krescue provide just android image and make warranty only for correct installation (we can get same android system via aml-burn-tool without any diff ==> all problem with android ask in android thread ! )

Oh! So it’s probably a change in the later versions of Android then?

Oh! So it’s probably a change in the later versions of Android then?

sure last build was

...code/khadas-rescue-tools/projects/Android_Pie$ grep VER= make.conf.VIM*

i dont have any other new sources :wink:

PS: when new version will be ready i can update krescue images

started special thread about EDGE and Krescue progress !!!


If you’re answering me then, nothing is clearly anything (to the average user) :wink:
If it were the case, there would be no need for forums :rofl:

do you have stock android firmware?

No (or maybe), it’s one installed from the Krescue list, that’s why I asked the question in the Krescue thread :+1:

ok, what is the name of the firmware?
maybe she? :slightly_smiling_face:

I tried that one but was unable to obtain root access, which I need to change the remote.conf file in /system/etc

Then I did download a stock rom that had root access but that one didn’t have a remote.conf file for me to alter and adding one made no difference. Hand on, I’ll fingd out the name of the ROM

I understand you well buddy, just there you can ask this and other questions! :grin::+1:

Where would be a better place to ask?

I’ll try there, thanks

By the way, there is root access

Excellent! That’s half the issue solved LOL (I’ve just got to find out what has changed regarding remote.conf now)


Thanks @hyphop for a great job. Do you have any manual or how-to describing step-by-step converting .img files to .kresq?


I think right now, .kresq is a Backup format, It can only be obtained by burning the eMMC image to eMMC and then taking its backup in krescue, I may be wrong, but only @hyphop would know

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