Krescue Question

Hi All,

I just received my VIM3L HTPC Kit and I am excited to start exploring. I have already burned the latest CoreElec Stable version to a MicroSD card and it boots perfectly. The version on the EMMC also boots but it is an older version.

I have burned Krescue to another MicroSD and booted into it to take a look. First thing I did is write the current EMMC contents to the MicroSD card. If I decide to install a different image for example Android Pie once I have finished experimenting can I write the image I backed up on the MicroSD back to the EMMC thus restoring the VIM3L to the state it is currently in now?

Thanks in advance for your help


Hello, Welcome to the community.
Yes your assumption is correct.

Thank you Sir !

Is there any limitations I should be aware of? I saw in another post that someone had trouble booting back into Krescue after using Android TV. I am not sure however if he used the image available within Krescue.

Looking forward to tinkering this weekend :slight_smile:

My apologies, I have not done this myself and so cannot offer advice on it.
It maybe that the Android TV image used is a custom ROM and uses a different version of the bootloader and may interfere with booting from card. Just speculation.
Not likely you will hard brick any of the Khadas SBCs, they are very tolerant.

No Problem,

Thank you. I’ll maybe give the Android TV ROM a wide berth for now. Plenty more to experiment with lol.

Perhaps @superceleron can help.

@Richdem Is there any way you can share with me the original EMMC contents that you write to your MicroSD card? I also just bought a VIM3L but I ruined it before I backup the original content.

i have write already many time about this ! just start krescue - wizard and write android-pie image its will be same original emmc contect

If you download & burn the Krescue image you can create a rescue MicroSD Card. You can then boot into Krescue and flash any of the available images to your EMMC. I tried a few different ROMS over the weekend and it works perfectly. I ended up with the latest CoreElec installed to the EMMC as my VIM3L is going to be used as an HTPC.

All in all very happy with this little box