Krescue on bootable USB?

krescue usage is well documented for sd-card or online emmc replacements. But is it possible to boot into krescue from USB and what are the steps needed?

I’m after (ubuntu) image backup from emmc and restore to emmc without sd-card involvement. Using USB and/or network is OK however. Perhaps even dual boot (into krescue or ubuntu) is somehow possible, to skip bootable USB as well?

Nope, far as I know krescue only works from SD card, but you can place the recovery files, on a USB-pendrive :wink:

as far as I know, now it is possible to boot from usb, how it works, I won’t say for sure, the Krescue developer, Hyphop, will better answer you, you can go to his thread with this question

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Hello, has anyone been able to boot Krescue from USB ?

its can work - but emmc uboot which start your device must support next boot from usb

i will check it :wink:

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