Krescue - Khadas Rescue system

i try to do universal rescue system for khadas vims boards
this system not only for rescue, we can do many other things too

read more info there

NOTE: its sill in test mode, because on active development stage


  1. dub extra uboot commands to linux user space
  2. write simple command utils for common system issues
  3. user friendly web interface
  4. universal image for all khadas vims boards

PS: welcome for test


test version for VIM2 + spi flash -

NOTE: spi flash linux support
NOTE: linux kernel mainline RC
NOTE: wifi broken
NOTE: usb otg broken
NOTE: uboot legacy from spi OK
NOTE: uboot mainline from spi Freeezzzzed
NOTE: bootable from SPI/eMMC/SD

$uname -a
Linux Krescue 5.3.0-rc4 #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Aug 14 09:29:47 MSK 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux

DISQ: Krescue - Khadas Rescue system

examples commands

# get bootmode
# change bootmode
bootmode spi save
# change bootmode
bootmode mmc save

# clear spi boot - first 4096 bytes
spi_boot clean
# clear spi boot - first 2M bytes
spi_boot clean2
# write to spi uboot legacy
spi_boot /tmp/sd/rescue/u-boot.vim2.legacy.spi.bin
# write to spi - rescue system
spi_boot /tmp/sd/rescue/krescue.spi.bin
# write spi uboot mainline
spi_boot /tmp/sd/rescue/u-boot.vim2.mainline.spi.bin

# clear mmc boot
spi off; mmc re; mmc_boot clear
# write mmc boot
# write mmc boot legacy

DOWNLOAD & WRITE: curl -jkL -o- | gzip -dc | sudo dd conv=sync of=/dev/YOUR_SD_CARD


VIM2 test

update kernel to 5.3.0-rc4

SD images:

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SD images:

we can write full rescue system to spi, from booted sd rescue system

# write to spi - rescue system
spi_boot /tmp/sd/rescue/krescue.spi.bin
# change bootmode
bootmode spi save
# now we can remove sd card
# power on 
# full load from spi is ready 

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vim1 added - on testing - Linux Krescue-init 5.3.0-rc6
wifi - works

i will share soon