Krescue is broken since changes to the download server in October 2022

I love using Krescue for installing images to our VIM3 Pro boards. Unfortunately, it stopped working recently. To be more precise, I cannot download anything - no image list and not any image. Whatever I choose, the download gets stuck after 13.3 KB. For analysis, I copied the displayed URL and tried to download it using curl - it didn’t work. I then took a look at your download server and figured that the directory layout was changed. Now I think that’s what’s breaking Krescue: It simply wants to download from the old - now broken - URLs.

I’ve downloaded the latest version of Krescue (as of Nov. 13th) and tried again, but no luck.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, then please tell me. Otherwise, please fix your tool - it’s invaluable!

Hello @hyphop

Please help to check.

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It worked - thanks! I thought OOWOW is for VIM4 only. So is it the successor to Krescue?

So is it the successor to Krescue?

yes your right

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