Krescue for EDGE (Rockchip rk3399)


Mine is 8.9" and considerably thicker lol but much cooler…


Oh yeah, that is a cute little PC, wish to get one, but to my eye, its still a toy, need something bigger than 12 inches or else I can’t see anything :nerd_face:

Is that a “better thermal joke” or a “More fancy” joke or a mix of both ? :smile:

I’ve been through two edges already. Power issues firmware issues. That was 4 months ago. I didn’t think krescue for edge would ever happen :wink: @hyphop but then I saw back in may that hyphop was close to release so I bought my third and final set and promised myself not to power on until krescue. Been praying for a krescue ever since :heart_eyes:


It was definitely both good catch. There’s a third unintended innuendo that we can safely ignore…:rofl:


I understand, and I agree mate, I agree… :rofl:

don’t worry, your prayers have been answered :innocent:

Hello! if not difficult, remind about the problem and have they been resolved for you?

I think it’s not an accident that you trust Khadas!

No not trust. I’m just stubborn. I’m a Taurus. Issues were never resolved and I’ve seen quite a few in the forum with the same symptoms. No boot can’t put in boot loader mode. PC won’t recognize. White light dimly flashed then shuts down. My hypothesis after all this time is that I must have had power going in the USB c and when I plugged in the other USB c to the computer it fried the board. I heard a high pitched sound when ever I plugged my edge in to a power source through usb c.

in fact, it’s all the little things, once sorted out and forgot forever!

Probably, might have been caused by the voltage difference of USB-C PD

either the sound of singing gospels, mourning your powersupply’s heavenly demise, or coil whine, I believe you know which one :upside_down_face:

PLZ WAIT SEVERAL DAYS !!! we are testing and try make first close to stable release - be a patient! ( will be on this week or next )


OK! done
we can download krescue system images for Edge sbcs now

Edge images ( at this moment only 4 images => )

  • Edge-FreeBSD-aarch64-13.0-CURRENT-20200620.img.xz
  • Edge_Ubuntu-gnome-focal_Linux-5.7_arm64_SD-USB_V0.9.1-20200602.img.xz
  • Khadas.OPENWRT.19.07.3.v0.7.servers.emmc.kresq
  • Khadas.UBOOT.mainline.emmc.kresq

PS: no need manually download them - u can install all under krescue gui (sure device must be connected to internet )


Hi Hip Hop, is this build not only for advanced users?

its universal same for advanced as for lamers


You mean technical newbies, right ?

this is for people like you and me



the Jokes are not on me mate…