Krescue backup file size

I use manjaro and I take backups from time to time after incoming updates. But the file sizes of the backups I take are constantly increasing. What would be the reason?

manjaro 1 6831 mb gz
manjaro 2 7744 mb zst
manjaro 3 12000 mb gz

Well it’s quite obvious, the more you use your system, the more the data stored, and the bigger the backups :slight_smile:

problem very simple ! yes used system size can be same - but
your emmc have many blocks which have different unused blocks
or other trash - krescue make whole emmc backup as is

maybe next time i can make special option for make more compact images

but u can prepare you system by your self its very easy
goto rescue shell - and exec zeroimage (this script clean extfs trash from emmc ) ! now u can make backup its vill be more compact

Godd luck