Kodi support n mainline linux


right now kidi is not supported in mainline linux. are there any plane to support it in future,
rough estimation ?

@tushar We don’t have this plan. We think using libreELEC’s firmware is the best way to use kodi with mainline kernel.

Kodi is supportable on mainline Linux accross a range of SoC platforms; on Amlogic it currently needs some patching to get hardware decode working but software (which is often fine for browsers and such) should work with little effort. LE is an option if you want a dedicated machine. Desktop OS need a little prep in the kernel and ffmpeg patching to get things working. It’s nothing Khadas couldn’t put a little effort into.

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I have started to get kodi with custom ffmpeg package which can handle hw decoding.

Currently you can use kodi on Manjaro Arm but that just SW decoding for now until I get the custom ffmpeg to compile and build kodi using the custom ffmpeg.

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