Kodi/SPMC Khadas Vim specific

Auto refresh rate change does not seem to work in Kodi or spmc on the Khadas Vim,can this be added as this is an important feature if you play a variety of videos with different refresh rates ie 24hz Movies,50hz Euro TV and 60hz for US TV,the box should automatically adjust.

Hi, Bennett83:
Did you mean the Kodi in Android? or LibreELEC one?

I think It’s Android Kodi, as you create the topic in Android Category.


Thanks for your quick reply,yes it’s Android,for whatever reason a lot of android devices don’t automatically switch so some streams/videos don’t run smoothly,for example if the display within Android is set to 1080p 60hz then only US streams look okay (60hz),UK TV (50hz) or movies (24hz) don’t look correct.

I know Libreelec does this automatically.

Can you have a try with latest Kodi release?

Just took a check at Kodi official website, found there was a Kodi-17 RC release now.

PS: you can uninstall the Kodi preinstall in the Android, and install the new one by yourself.

Yes I have tried Kodi 16.1 from the playstore,17 RC and SPMC 16.5.5

all with the same issue?

Yes all with the same issue.

is there any official Kodi build or we should use one from Kodi official website
Are these build for Khadas VIM (arm64-v8a) kodi-17.1-Krypton-arm64-v8a.apk ?

Hi Gouwa and comunity

I then managed to get around and recover Khadas Vim for the latest firmware.:relieved:
In the latest firmware I have two questions:
In the kodi 17.3, in the Exodus view it is not fluid, it is constantly choking and slow-motion type, how to resolve? In others box`s with chip 905x no have this problem. Guys could you help me?

Best regards

You might interesting in LibreELEC ROM which with better Kodi experience.

Is there a quick way to build Kodi myself and install on Ubuntu Bionic Beaver build (used Fenix script for that)?