KKSB Khadas VIM4 Aluminium Case – Black

In the works: The Desktop version, for those that like it CHUNKY :smile:

More soon:


Very nice! Do either of these boards support the vim4 with new m2 expansion board? I’m digging the cooler on that CHONKY boi

I think you will find the Chunky Boi, looking at the clear case photo, appears to be a space under VIM4
As find any more info will advise.

To confirm as mentioned, Chocky boi will support/space for m2.

Fan is also available from the KKSB site, (Pi 4)

If you have a Vim4 you may need one of these:
Thanks to KKSB, we can have a look see at what we have.

The Box

All the Bits to make it Happen

Inside and base

Side Buttons to Fit etc

Out with the Old

In with the new, fits like a clove


What’s your thoughts/results on the thermals…Mine get’s kinda toasty with the passive cooling from the case, but that kinda makes sense.

Yes I found after using for a few hours it was doing as you mentioned, Toasty for sure.
Did not show any ill effects, so doing as it should so far more testing to be done.

The Large Model looks spectacular. :smiley:

Is there a mailing list or other notification thing we can sign up for?

Does the kksb case allow the use of an m2 ssd?

Unfortunately this case does not,
They will have larger soon.

On their website.