KhadasTone2 Pro & Pop Noise?

Has the on/off pop noise been sorted out with new boards?

I have my Tone Board hooked up with JDS Labs Atom and I get no pops whatsoever.

However, with Tone Board 2 Pro, I did get a pop noise.

So to answer your question: I don’t think so. :smiley:

Thanks for the reply.Just ordered one,will see how it performs

Purchased the Khadas tone board.Really happy with its performance.Using co axial input.I am using 5v 1amp power source,is it safe? Its mentioned it requires 5v 500mah.

The board does get warm after using for sometime.

Again,thanks Khadas for such a wonderful board.

Hello, The 500mA is a minimum recommended power. If your Power supply’s current exceeds 500mA it is no worry, it will not cause the Tone to draw more mA. The amount of current(mA) drawn by a device is determined by the device(a.k.a. the load) not the power supply, although the power supply can be a limiting factor if it is underated.
Glad you are enjoying the lovely Tone. :smiley:


Yes I am quite stunned as how this little unassuming board can produce just stunning sound quality.
I am 44 year old Doctor/Agriculturist.I had pretty much given up on audio when my beloved sony dvd player Dvp s725D died.Yes there was denon,onkyo none caught my imagination like sony did.Work took over my life since last 19 years.Just last year started listening to my old CDs again.Purchased Sony,Samsung and Philip’s DVD player.They were really horrible when it came to sound reproduction.Just came across this board on Audioscience review.First album I played was Judas priest Painkiller on this tone board.First thing that came to my mind…MY SONY!!!

  • 3.5mm Jack: No
  • 4.4mm Jack: Yes with slightly noise and only happens during power on/off stage.

And you might wondering why 4.4 balanced headphone jack with slightly pop noise when powering on the Tone2 Pro while the 3.5mm one doesn’t have?

The 3.5 jack is designed with a depop chipset to cancel the pop noise with 2.3Vrms output maximum.

While the 4.4 balanced jack targets to drive higher impedance headphones with higher output at 5.0Vrms and higher performance, the depop chipset will draw down the performance and also not support higher output.

We didn’t found a depop chpset can match the demand of of both performance and (up to) 5.0Vrms output the time we designed the Tone2 Pro.