Khadas VTV Extention DVB-T

Hello friends Khadas! Khadas will make Android ROM for VIM3 with support for this item Khadas VTV Extention DVB-T Board? Should I buy the Khadas VTV Extention DVB-T Board now with the hope that the Khadas team will support this product on VIM3 in the future?

Hello, Not sure a ROM will do it. See here.

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VTV board is not electrically compatible with VIM3, and my advice to anyone seeking a long-term tuner device is to look at things like SiliconDust, Digibit R1 (SatIP) and similar ‘network’ tuners. They’ll be more reliable than anything that needs software/drivers and will typically out-last whatever client device you’re using (and you can use multiple client devices). Another suggestion for a cheap tuner device is to recycle an older Raspberry Pi with the official Pi DVB-T tuner card; it has good drivers and you can run tvheadend on it over the network.