Khadas VIM4 Ubuntu 22.04 Conda Install

Which system do you use? Android, Ubuntu, OOWOW or others?


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22.04 5.4

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I trying to create conda evn but I have no idea whats wrong with my setup. I just follow instruction from conda website Installing on Linux — conda 24.5.0 documentation . any one can help me? thanks

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[/home/khadas/miniconda3] >>> 
Unpacking payload ... line 470: 12567 Exit 141                extract_range $boundary1 $boundary2
     12568 Illegal instruction     | CONDA_QUIET="$BATCH" "$CONDA_EXEC" constructor --extract-tarball --prefix "$PREFIX"

Screenshot from 2024-06-05 03-03-13

Hello @Rahmawan will help you then.

Thank you for your reply @numbqq , I waiting your help . Thanks

Hi @Rahmawan
1.VIM4 does not fully support Miniconda and Anaconda, you can use what I recommend below.

2.For your firmware the python version is 3.10 ,you should use

bash    //Install

Thank you ! I’ll try that.