Khadas VIM4 scrcpy displays green screen

Hi Team,

  1. Using OOWOW I have installed 64bit Android 11 image got available in June.
  2. Compiled 64-bit SDK Download The Android Source Code | Khadas Documentation
  3. When ran built script, it was halting in between, so followed emmc burn way
    Install OS into eMMC | Khadas Documentation
  4. fastboot, adb reboot, adb root, adb shell I could able to do.
  5. After bootup, when did scrcpy, displaying green screen continuously.
    Can you please guide me, am I missing anything.

While it is running remove HDMI monitor then plug it back in. It does that on Ubuntu server too. It will only do it one time, so far it has not come back.

Thanks its showing UI as expected, but I am unable to operate it with scrcpy from terminal launch as its still continuous green.
Have connected mouse to VIM4 & through it am operating GUI.

Please take a picture of the screen and post it.

Attached adb logcat log at the time of board display shows green screen through scrcpy.
I tried even with lowering the resolution with -m but still it always shows green, even post reboot.

Let me know how can I attach adb logcat log text file over here.

Mine had all the text in green, I assumed that is what you had going on. Not sure what is wrong with yours I have not had that type of screen appear.

Do make sure your USB C cable is rated for 5 amps and your power supply is low noise and stiff.

I was connecting USB Type A to VIM4, Type C to PC (for adb log debug & power, above figure).
When I connected 24W power adaptor’s Type C to Type C to board, unable to get log through ADB, as nothing is connected to PC (below figure where adaptor is temporarily removed from power source for photo).

Let me know if I am missing anything in connection setup or how can I power up & adb access also simultaneously, on board with which connector, how to setup required connections for it.