Khadas vim4 5G not supporting

Which version of system do you use? Khadas official images, self built images, or others?

Khadas official images

Please describe your issue below:

I have downloaded official Khadas image and have flashed it on the board, I am able to access the internet properly when I have inserted a 4G sim, but when I connect 5G sim with it, I am not able to access the internet and on selecting " Automatically select preferred network" system is crashing.

How can I access 5G network in Khadas VIM4 board?
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You should use a 5G module and plug in a 5G SIM card to use it
The module model is shown in the figure below

Hey @xiong.zhang ,
We are using the same 5G module and a 5G sim (Airtel) as well, but still not able to connect to 5G network.
I am attaching the board image below.

Do you have 5G coverage in your location or try to test it outdoors?

We do have tested it in a 5G available location, but still was not able to access internet.

@Swathi Please execute the following command in adb, restart the machine to reproduce the problem, and then send the corresponding directory to us for analysis in the form of a network disk.

C:\Users\25348>adb shell
$ su
# mkdir /data/quectel_debug_log
# reboot
C:\Users\25348>adb pull /data/quectel_debug_log .

Hey @goenjoy , I have followed the mentioned procedure and attached the log for the same.
Along with it, I am also attaching the pictures. Please do have a look.
Thank you.

LOG - Check this link for Log.

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@Swathi Can your SIM card recognize 5G on your phone? Also, which country city is your place?

@goenjoy Yes, sim card is perfectly working with 5G on phones. INDIA.

@Swathi What version of firmware are you using?

@Swathi Download the linked file and adb push it to restart and see if it works?

C:\Users\25348>adb root && adb remount
C:\Users\25348>adb push apns-conf.xml system/etc/apns-conf.xml
C:\Users\25348>adb reboot