Khadas vim3 OTA

Hi, How can I build incremental ota update package in android 9?

Hello @mntprn

@goenjoy @xiong.zhang will help you here.

@mntprn Make a differential upgrade package:

source build/
lunch kvim3-userdebug
	make installclean
	make -j100 
	make otapackage -j100 
  • After executing make otapackage -jN to compile android, it will generate file in out/target/product/xxx/obj/PACKAGING/target_files_intermediates directory.
  • Name the old version of the zip package as
  • Name the new version of the zip package as
  • Put and in the custom folder ota of the android source root directory.
  • Execute the following command to generate a differential package ota/
source build/
lunch kvim3-userdebug
./build/tools/releasetools/ota_from_target_files -i ota/ ota/ ota/
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