Khadas Vim3 + CoreElec all work!

Latest night build coreelec
I flash back VIM3_Pie_V190809 and color back to normal

@profd the lastest android fimware is V190907, It finish this bug .Can you try with it ? THX

If i flash V190907 coreelec boot logo and interface is green (incorect rgb).
But android color corect.

Maybe they haven’t apply latest patches for kernel.

But android V190907 is with latest patches. So it has issues for the color.

You can use VIM3_Pie_V190809.

Have you released the new Android firmware yet?


Check here: VIM3 Android Pie V190907 ROM Release

But this firmware is prior to my message, it is true?

Khadas VIM3---->Finaly… normal users are not going to use :
**NPU .- Next generation, deep-neural-network applications, at 5.0 TOPS.
**PCIe and USB 3.0 Switchable
***Dual Independent Displays
***Dual Cameras
***40 Pin header
***GPIO expander
all of this for use simply Kodi!
We have bought an electric car and we have nowhere to plug it :slight_smile:

<<<<-UPDATE ERROR ->>>>>>>>> I have installed the VIM3 CoreElec Nigthly _ 20190911 Amlogic-ng.arm and in the last update it crashes when starting on the red home page that COREELEC says, I had to reset 3 times so that it ended up starting.
Has it happened to someone else? I have disabled the updates but the “pending updates” message still appears.

This firmware v190907 hasn’t been updated yet. You may need to wait for the next version of firmware, or use earlier Android firmware VIM3_Pie_V190809.

ok, i wait for new firmware.


@marpemim I will back to there when the new firmware was released.

Hi guys! CoreElec 9.2.0 the best system on VIM3 for media, it works automatically change the frame rate, hdr10, menu bluetooth, 4K 60fps online, IPTV, samba, ssh, Yatse with all the chips, full access to all drives, Wake-on-LAN, dual loading (android or ubunta to choose from), a temperature of 55 degrees with a quiet fan and a lot of memory in reserve, a quick and full backup of the entire system (Kody with my library for 8 terabytes with 2 GB fanart decompresses from the archive in 5 minutes) fantastic speed in the interface, there will be a sound - there is a stereo !!! Great support for Khadas. And all this happiness fits in your jeans pocket! It was cool!:rocket:


Yes everything work as they are using Legacy kernel 4.9. I have tried it too. :+1:


Hi guys! A little video how media works in coreelek on Khadas VIM3. It was cool!


well… 3705 COOLING FAN installed in my khadas vim3.
over android i can control the velocity easy
but CoreElec seems to have no option for control
for now the fan is off …
any solution?


have you tried bash script from linux ubuntu build?
Here is my copy from latest ubuntu build:

Just first check if in coreelec you can see/access these:




did you install it on sdcard? I am waiting for emmc install.


Hello! Yes. Installed on SD card 16 GB class 10

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You now have the possibility of emmc install and have both CoreELEC and android on emmc simultaneously.