Khadas VIM2 Multiprocessing Cluster


Hi guys,

I’m trying to setup a cluster for multiprocessing services (like webservices or inet services through tcp) with 3 khadas VIM2 boxes (for testing purposes, if I get this thing working I’ll scale up to 10), but I am quite new in this matter. I got MPICH2 (C/C++) working and executing some simple tasks, but it doesn’t covered what I looking for and I don’t know how compile it to not use mpirun or mpiexec. I also tested dispy (Python) that fits a little more with my needs because I can write the webservice or tcp service and then send the object with the tasks to the different boxes.

I would like to know your experience with Khadas and if someone got success with something similar.


Jorge V


How about using a Docker swarm? Here is an article explaining how to do it with a Odroid MC1 cluster, should be easy to apply it to a VIM2 cluster.


Thanks for your response huantxo, I’ll give it a try.


Jorge V


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