Khadas VIM2 as Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware

@emurph78 it wont make loads thats for sure! The benefit here is power usagae compared to using standard desktops or server, also space and noise!

One VIM2 will make about 0.2VRM per week at the moment - and with current btc and VRM price it will take you a long time (24months+ to recover your investment). But its all depends on where you see the price going - and thats completly your own predictions! In first week of jan BTC was double the price it is now and VRM was three times price so you could have got an ROI in 4 months - but past performance is no indicator of future performance and all that!

Personally i think it will go back up again so im scaling up because as more people get in the servers become less profitable as they spend money on electricity and these boards really come into their own!


mining on these small prototyping boards is… bullshit

It really isn’t if you scale it up - I’ve made significant profits from it!

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Just the currency you mention here or others?

My curiosity is certainly piqued.

Do you have any idea why the vim is able to outperform an i7?

others as well :wink:

Not sure - but you can ceratinly see comparible hashrates and the hash per watt and hash per $ is the winner!


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