Khadas VIM2 aptX support?


I would like to know if the VIM2 support aptX, and more specifically aptX Low Latency.

I plan to use it as a karaoke machine so latency is critical.

So does it support it? If not, can it be added? (I did so on my OnePlus One running LineageOS by copying into /system/vendor/lib), and now my phone has aptX)

If it does not support aptX Low Latency, how could I send the VIM2 audio signal to an external mixer? I pre-purchased the VIM2 extension card with SPDIF output, could it help?

I know that you can plug an external USB audio interface but it only works in one application by Extream (will not work on YouTube app for example) so I guess that’s not an option. They claim that starting from Android 5 a USB audio driver is provided but I don’t know if it works and with what latency.

Thanks for any help.

You want to run Android and to support aptX, right?

You might want to following references:


Hi Gouwa, thanks, those threads were interesting, but unfortunately they do not answer my question about aptX. Is aptX supported?

We haven’t tested aptX on VIMs yet, still have no idea about that :wink: