Khadas Vim1 PRO as like Plex Media SERVER?


Hello, good morning everyone from Spain.
I am the owner of " Khadas Vim1 PRO " and I would like to know if it is possible to install Plex MEDIA SERVER on Khadas Vim1 PRO ( I don’t care about the Operating System ) and connect " kahdas vim1 pro " with the installed Plex Media SERVER, directly to my Router through ethernet cable and use it ( khadas vim1 pro ) as if it were a NAS.

That is, install a version of Plex Media SERVER on Khadas Vim1 PRO, make that Plex Media Server read or link (mounting my Gdrive account on the System) to my Gdrive account (with rclone or plexdrive depending on the Operating System installed on khadas vim1 pro ), connect it directly to my Router via ethernet cable and use Khadas Vim1 PRO as a PLEX server.

Leave it on and connected to my Router and be able to access the ( Plex Server ) from any other device in my home network or from outside my home network.

I know that you can install the Plex SERVER on a Windows 10 PC or on an Nvidia Shield TV and configure it and use it as a SERVER but I don’t want to use my PC or SHIELD and I would like to use “Khadas Vim 1 PRO” to install the Plex Media SERVER (I don’t care about the Operating System) and connect it to my Router and leave it on (as a server) for almost 20 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Can you or can you not use Khadas Vim1 PRO to install Plex Media SERVER and then connect it directly to my Router as if it were a NAS?

Thanks a billion


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plz check it