Khadas VIM1 lite

Hi guys!!!
We are developing the new project Venarus 2. This is an electronic car dashboard. As the main Board is planning to use Khadas VIM1, but I want to reduce it. We do not need: wifi and Bluetooth, Ethernet, case. We don’t need the buttons, instead of them we need the contact openings or platforms. We need 2 UART for user. And we very need 1280*480 resolution for LQ123K1LG03 LCD Screen.
How to reduce the cost of VIM1 and what is the minimum batch you can make?

Our devices have been working for more than 5 years.

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hi davemf:
how is your project on VIM ,and what can we help you?

I’m doing two projects simultaneously on the VIM1 and VIM2.
Now need a new screen resolutions for car monitors…

so what can we help to you?

Can you get to me the new screen resolutions (1280x480, 1280x800, 1024x600, 800x480, 1366x768, 1920x1200 and other)? I need it for my projects.

Terry are working more resolutions support for VIMs, maybe he will update you a testing ROM for you to test first (If you want)

Yes, I want :slight_smile:

I have uploaded test ROM for you.But the ROM don’t change UI resolution automatically when you change the HDMI output resolution. The UI resolution is not active unless you reboot your device.
Have a try.

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Hi, Terry.
My first LCD (1440x900) work perfectly.

But second LCD (1280x800) has all resolution, but after reboot, it has distorted picture.

But in the distorted picture, the mouse cursor drawn perfectly.

After the second reboot, the picture was beautiful.

What can be the reason?

You did a great job! Thank you! Please give me the VESA patch.

Terry, please tell me how to get the panel back to the horizontal position at high dpi?

Is there?

mNavigationBarCanMove = width != height && shortSizeDp < 300;

This is the Patch for HDMI Vesa mode. About another questions, I need more time to check.

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We tested more monitors.
unfortunately, monitors Lilliput fa1014 10" (1280 X 800) and Chalk 7" (1280 X 800) not earned.
The list of resolutions is no naitive resolution.

This monitors are work is native on windows.

I have sent the Edid file to your email. Very sorry, but edid files does not seved…

Thanks for your feedback. I don’t test for the 1280*800 monitor because I don’t have this monitor.

My Innolux N070ICG-LD1 work on naitive :slight_smile:

Hi, terry!

Please update gapps for Nougat on your github.
Thank you!

Monitor 1024*600 does not have resolution too.

Resolutions does not appear in the list on many monitors. Therefore, it is impossible to select the desired resolution. Is it possible to display a full list of resolutions regardless of the monitor, and turn off the automatic switch?

Hi, You can try to update Gapps from the link.

You can try to modify the file ‘package/apps/TvSettings/Settings/src/com/android/tv/settings/device/display/outputmode/’

--- a/Settings/src/com/android/tv/settings/device/display/outputmode/
+++ b/Settings/src/com/android/tv/settings/device/display/outputmode/
@@ -356,7 +356,7 @@ public class OutputUiManager {
             List<String> listHdmiMode = new ArrayList<String>();
             List<String> listHdmiTitle = new ArrayList<String>();
             for (int i = 0; i < listValue.size(); i++) {
---               if (strEdid.contains(listValue.get(i))) {
+++               if (strEdid.contains(listValue.get(i)) || (i > 16)) {

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