Khadas vim vs vim2


I have been looking at purchasing one of these boards and can see that the vim2 is almost double the price of the vim. My question is what are the differences other than the obvious. DDR4. Octacore, gigabit Ethernet.

The box will mainly be used as a media pc kodi, etc. Is it worth spending the extra bucks and why?

Hi @Wigwambam and welcome to our community :slight_smile:
If 1GB NIC is not important for you, go for VIM Pro (2MB RAM, 16GB eMMC) :wink:
There is no noticeable difference when you using libreelec. 905x and 912 are the same from video codec perspective. If you are going to use Android as an OS for Kodi then go for VIM2 but consider using FAN. VIM2 has more power using Android or Linux desktop/server.

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Hi Stefan

Thanks for the reply. I am leaning towards the vim2 just for the fact its a newer model and will probably last longer with support. Looking at the fan but it seems to be aold out on geekbuying. Is there an alternative option or alternative seller?

Support from software perspective, for DIY board depends not only from vendor itself but from community as well :wink: About the FAN i think @Gouwa can answer to your question.

Heat sink for VIMs will come very soon :wink:

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Hi…From when it will be available?

Will be ready in March.

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