Khadas Vim Behind TV Case stl's


Just thought i would share.
This quick knock up was designed to be mounted behind my wall mount tv.
The fan is 80mm as I had a nice silent one floating around and there are cheap $5+/-
Curve to direct air flow under the pcb also.
Plenty of room for cables and some custom boards.


Good job!

If you plan to sell the case for both VIM and VIM2, you can email for more details.



You did a good thing as there are no commercial houses for vim.
I wanted to ask you if it is ready to be printed in 3d and I was wondering if you could tell me if you can do one with hdmi and usb outputs.
thank you


I am printing one right now…
To make the case more multi user friendly I made 3 large spaces at the bottom of the case that you can run USB,HDMI,NETWORK,POWER.
The cables will all fit if you start at the biggest, go have a look at the thingiverse link and click thing view on the main part and you will see what I mean.

If there is a fair bit of interest I will design a nicer unit that would be more suited to be displayed.


You could post a video so I can see how you came, because the case I have given it disassembled I do not know how many times I broke in trying to figure out how to passively pass the render and you are ready to print it.
thank you


I am not sure what you question is qaz22.
You want me to past a video of how to assemble the original khadas case?
Or do you want me to post a video on how to assemble my case?


To see how you came The case
thank you


Gouwa do you have detailed dimensions of the Khadas Vim you could forward to me ?
Some thing like this?(See upload)
It would really make my life easier as i want to make a nice compact case.


You can check Khadas Docs for the details: