KHADAS VIM 4 To Look Like an Android streaming box

Hi question will a manufacturer that makes Android TV boxes be buying the Khadas VIM 4 and selling it programmed to boot up and look like an Android streaming box you know with streaming apps?

If not will this be something i could do myself make it look like the screenshot i just uploaded

No each manufacturer follow their own design.

Yes maybe @superceleron can build an Android TV os for vim4 but it will take time.

Oh wait: as i typed this I found that Superceleron have made a test image already.
Its here.

Yes you can do it yourself. Using the AOSP and then customize it to you taste.

Even after you do all this the widevine level is not change, widevine is the thing that you need to watch drm content like amazon prime, Netflix, Disney+ etc.
So you can only watch them on standard resolution.

It doesn’t really matter to me i mean if i want Netflix 4K i could just use Netflix Kodi Addon

But what does it take for a Android box to be Netflix compliant???

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