Khadas Vim_3 + NetFlix memory size (2 o 4 GB) --- basic / pro?

Let’s see, I do not clarify …
Khadas Vim3 with Libreelec to use it with Kodi and to be able to watch Netflix in FullHd. It seems that Kodi Leia uses Widevine L1 to decode. The question is … Will it work well with 2Gb to get that level L1 or would it be better to buy the 4GB?
Thank you!

Kodi Leia fakes an L3 browser certificate to access Nexflix media (up to 1080p) and all content is CPU decoded (as hardware decoding requires an L1 certificate). RAM size is not important for LE, so 2GB is fine.


last question … will any operating system take advantage of the NPU of the Vim3?
Linux+Kodi? … Android?
or we will have to wait too long …

So the 1000000$ question is:
Will the new CPU of VIM3 will be powerful enough to run netflix at 1080p.
Vim1 and vim2 were not.

Hi Eli:
Actually, both the VIM1 and VIM2 CPU are able to run 4K Netflix, but to run Netflix we need a license from Netflix first, and we still not able to apply the license at the moment :frowning:


Install add-on on TV-Box with LibreELEC or CoreELEC

This is an interesting alternative for the Android TV-Box with Widevine L1 DRM certificate but without official Netflix support since we can get FullHD resolution or even 4K in certain circumstances.

and with so much power that they say they have this Amlogic A311D will not be able to do it?

Yea I know but I was talking about software decoding using Kodi libreelec LeiaL3 browser certificate. Regarding the license its almost impossible. Even xiaomi mi box lost 4k support and only left with 1080p. Netflix are very challenging for the tvbox vendors.

yes, is the only way…
or buy a Xiaomi Mi Box S ;(


# Resolution supported
There´s no absolute answer to this question, as this is always hardware dependent when using Widevine to decrypt & decode the video, as it can be done through software decoding only.
Rule of thumb, if your CPU is powerful enough & enough RAM is available, 1080 is possible, regardless of the OS used.

What do I mean with powerful enough? At the moment an Odroid C2 (1.5 GHz Quad Core with 2gb RAM) is not able to do more than 720 reliably. But this is subject to change, as the inputstream.adaptive dependency (which basically is the bridge between Widevine & Kodi) is still work in progress. It will eventually be possible to have 1080 on the RPi 3 sometime in the future, but this is based on educated guesses, not on hard facts.

me acabo de comprar la Vim3 :upside_down_face:

well, i received VIM3, instaled CoreElec. Netflix work in full HD 1920*1080