Khadas VIM 3 GPU usage for image compression

Hello. I created own Archlinux Image with mainline kernel, and I want to use GPU for hardware image compression to png or jpg format. I read about Arm compute library. Has anyone used a GPU on khadas vim 3 pro for hardware image compression to png or jpg format?

That should be VPU isn’t it? Or is it the GE2D something.
I don’t think Panfrost can handle jpg/png compression.

Good question though. Let’s find out about it soon.

I read about GPU a little bit more. Not aware of any mainstream GPU compressors for PNG or JPG; that type of code tends to be better suited to CPU implementations. And i have a new question. Is there any programming way to access to GE2D or VPU on Khadas vim 3 to use them for image processing? I should use it for conversation from rawvideo to jpg or png frames.

@ilgiz perhaps you should check out the openCL libs ?
they seem to the best way to get fast GPU compute power for such applications :slightly_smiling_face:

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