Khadas VIM 2 - permanent reboots

Once every two minutes, the system starts spontaneously rebooting (not before the boot logo, but before the boot-animation). Firmware from DaveMF, replacing the firmware with the original picture does not change - the system also reboots.
Power, external connections - everything is normal, so the problem seems to be in the hardware…
What could fail?

Hello, when you say that power is normal, what leads you to that conclusion?

The board worked for a year with a specific power supply, the power parameters (current, voltage) are monitored.
It also fed it from an Agilent E3630A laboratory source, that is, the power is clean, without pulsations.
There is no current overload either.

Hi Pinin:
Please check the PSU spec, ensure it’s with 5V/2A+, you can also try another PUS in case that a bad PSU.

If not the PSU issue, can you have a test with our official ROM?


I used various PSU(Agilent , ITPS , with whom the board worked in the car). The likelihood that they are all defective, you know how …
I repeat once again - problems with external power are excluded
Also, various firmware have been installed, including official ROM.
Perhaps, at the moment of removing the board from the car and turning it on at home on the table, something was knocked out somewhere …
And the question is what could a defect have such an effect …

You installed the VIM2 on your car? Can you take a picture and show us the connections between the boards.


The entire system is mounted under the ceiling in the ceiling console (an off-road car capable of overcoming deep fords, so the possibility of water getting into the interior is not excluded).
Unfortunately, there are no photos of the installed system without a ceiling console (I will do later when I change Khadas).
Before this 9 years old traveled with Windows (if it is interesting, details here

(It turned out that more than one photo I can not insert …)

Photo of the chassis on which the entire system is mounted

On separate pads removed + 12V, GND, ACC, all peripherals are connected to them (sound card, power supply, usb hub, etc). Khadas is mounted on a separate board (removable), and connected through cable connectors

Well, in order to answer the question as much as possible - the connection scheme approximately corresponds to this: and fully complies with this:

Hi Pinin:
Interesting DIY project :wink:

As I cannot find the connections between the VIM2 and other boards, especially the power module, so I cannot figure out a solution.

Can you check again:

  • Power Supplier: make sure the voltage is 5V
  • Current: 2A+ is recommend, if there are hardware modules connected to VIM2, may need more current due to more power consumption required
  • Heat Spreading: ensure the VIM2 board with good heat spreading.

Have fun!

Thank you, Gouwa!
I understood the meaning of the councils, but, alas, these versions do not work: a regular power supply unit (ITPS) is able to provide high-quality power to the board itself, and the entire periphery. Moreover, it was in this configuration that the system functioned before, and functioned successfully.
The board is cooled by a regular radiator and a fan, the board itself is located separately from the other modules capable of heating it.

Power +5 V comes to the board through a standard cable USB-С (from VIM5) and +5 V, GND connector from ITPS. Power to the rest of the modules comes not from the VIM 2, but directly from the PSU.

I believe that in the process of rebuilding the system, something could be knocked out by static voltage, or due to vibrations during operation, something could crack in the PCB of the VIM2 itself.

So, the conclusion seems to be the same - the replacement of the board, and the question of what could be damaged there and lead to such work of the board is more academic.

Hi, Gouwa!
I made the order 10849 in Khadas shop on VIM2 v1.4 SBC Board Model:Max, New VIM Heatsink and 3705 Cooling Fan (order already paid).
One can only hope that the old firmware from v.1.2 will rise to v. 1.4…

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Yep, the latest software already compatible both V12 & V14.

The package is on the way - check soon :wink:

My order for vim2 v14 has arrived.

The custom firmware was installed, but the picture with the reloads was repeated (sik!).

Installed the firmware from the official site (VIM2_Nougat_V180619) - again periodic reboot of the system with an interval of 2-3 minutes!

The module has consistently earned only with firmware VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V171024

Unfortunately, when I first turned on the module with the firmware installed at the factory, I did not pay attention to the correctness of its operation. However, I believe that with the factory firmware, he also worked correctly.

Conducted a similar experiment with the old module (vim2 v12) - the picture completely repeated:
VIM2_Nougat_V180619, custom firmware - periodic reboots, VIM2_Nougat_vTV_V171024 - stable work…

The power source provides 5.3 V and current up to 12 A (the actual consumption of both modules does not exceed 1.2 A at the peak). At the time of the reboot, the current consumption in the region of 0.4-0.5 A, at the moment of loading the OS, is in the region of 0.9-1.1 A

Vim2 v12 works with installed cooling radiator and fan, Vim2 v14 - without a radiator, but with forced blowing from an external fan.