Khadas Vim 2 Dead?


I’ve had two Khadas VIM2’s that i used to use sporadically that I found. I went to try and reboot them up, but they wouldn’t show any sign of life when plugging in to the USB-C port. When I plugged into the serial GPIO pins using my USB to serial cable it did show a sign of life, but I am unsure of if I can find data or have it be powered from there, as it is a low voltage application.

Is there any way I can check if this is a hardware failure? I’m a bit upset cause I wanted to pick these up again. I tried cleaning out the C ports with no luck either.


Hello, you may want to see if your VIM2s can boot Krescue.
Otherwise, insure the VIM2s are getting adequate power, 5 volt at 2 amps or better recommended.