Khadas Tone2Pro skyBlue light blinking every 3-4 seconds, not recognised by any source

Hey guys,

My khadas tone2Pro is not working properly. It is not detected by any source (even though the source is capable of power).

There is a light-sky-blue light that blinks every 3-4 seconds. It is similar to the light blinking upon insufficient power, but blinks at relatively less frequency.

The MAC I have used all this while worked fine till now but is not being detected. I tried supplying 5v via i2c port, but still same behaviour.

Can anyone please suggest me what to do ? Thanks in advance

Hello @Chaitanya_Dendukuri

@Eric68 will help you here.

There is probably something wrong with the hardware of your Tone2 Pro,but I still want to get more message from you,thanks.

  • Can you tell the serial number about your Tone2 Pro which is on the packing box?

  • Do you update the firmware of XMOS via USB type C?

  • Do you update the firmware of MCU via ST-Link?