Khadas Tone2 Pro - No volume control in OS X

It is not possible to adjust the volume of the Tone2 Pro via OS X. In OS X audio setttings it says “The selected device has no output controls”.
With the Tone1, Khadas updated the firmware to allow OS X to control the volume. Will this also be possible with the Tone2 Pro?

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Tone2 Pro use hardware volume control, so you can use volume knob to adjust the volume.

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The hardware analog volume will deliver better sound performance so our default firmware only with hardware volume enabled.

We will release dedicated firmware with dual volume support in the near future, you can upgrade it to enable the software volume.

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Hello, any news on this? I would love this so much!!

Hi @jazzyyk

The latest V1.3 firmware support pre-amp volume enabled for the balanced RCA and you can upgrade it if your device shipped with V1.2 pre-installed.

The HID volume for the OS controlling with conflicting for the XMOS process if we still need to keep the PCM 768 feature(the process do not with enough resources to keep both the two features at the same time), so we still not release the firmware as what we scheduled.

Just checked again with our Audio team, and was told that we can release V1.4 firmware and will with some more features upgrading, regarding the HID volume, I think we will try to fix it or just release a alternative version to downgrade the PCM 768 to PCM 384 and enabling the HID volume for dedicated users.

We will release V1.4 in October 2022.

Have fun!