Khadas tone board USB input

good morning to all participants of this forum.

I am about to buy the Khadas Tone Board, but a doubt arises, if I feed the card from the USB input with an external power supply how can I hear the DSD files since the card uses the USB input for DSD files.

Sorry for my English but I use Google Translate.

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Arcangelo Capparelli

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Hello and welcome! It’s simple, the USB input on the TB works like a 2 in 1, that is, it must be powered and used to transfer data to the TB from the PC!

thanks Vladimir,

but if I occupy the USB input of the card to power it with an external power supply and not with the USB output of the PC, how can I then hear the DSD files … the SPDIF input manages only the files

By the way, have you seen this update? there the circuit will be slightly changed, it is planned to use two type-c connectors.

This is just your case! :wink:

Hello, Have a look at this Khadas blog post referring to Tone1.
As previously stated, the new Tone2 Pro is designed with separate USB for data and power.

thanks to allfor the news I look forward to the new product

Thanks again