Khadas Tone Board + RPI 3 - external power supply

Hello everyone,

I have got simple question to the Khadas engineers or users who had a chance to compare different power supplies:

Is it worth to buy/build linear power supply for Khadas Tone Board"? Will it improve sound quality comparing standard RPi power supply?

Right now i supply Raspberry Pi by a standard power supply and connect it with Khadas Tone Board by USB-C cable. In KTB specification there is lot of information about low noise components, low noise output signal so is it worth to ivest additional 50$ to improve it?

Thank you in advance.

Hello, A bit has been written on this. For instance see here.

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interesting information! :blush:


Thank you for such a prompt response.

To be honest i know the post you mentioned in the link. My experiance having diferent DACs was, when using another, better than standard power supply achieved sound quality was much better. I am expecting the same from Khadas.

The question is how high improvement it is possible to achieve? 10%/50%/100%? I mean reeding descripption on the Khadas website and all the low noise parameters, i am concerned if the improvement will be felt?

Is it enough to supply only the RPi using LPS or should i use 2 separate power supplies for each device?

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I wish I could be more helpful. I am an enthusiast, not an audiophile. Also my ears have been exposed to some really good times over the years.:smile:

Subjectively, I can appreciate the sound quality of the TB, but not sure I could tell the difference in sound quality from using different power supplies with it.
For those that are more acoustically discerning, I would assume the improvement could be quantified, both subjectively and objectively.

As with most critical tests, I would assume the test data presented by Khadas was gathered under best-case-scenario conditions. In other words, the Specs shown for the TB were most likely produced using the best type of power supply for the job, of course, I speculate.

While there may be gains using a linear power supply vs USB/Wallwart, in any case, I would not think any gain in performance would be in excess of the TB Spec sheet.

Maybe try the standard type PS first, you might be satisfied. If after auditioning the TB, you want the maximum performance achievable, you might look in to the linear option.

Hopefully one of the more acoustically discerning TB users can offer you more sound advice, pun intended.:grin: