Khadas Tone Board - general driver problem


I can not resolve problem that I am having for a long time now and I can also see that other people sharing the same issue. There is also no update from XMOS or firmware update for Tone Board.

The problem is that with generic Windows 10 driver I can not select 24bit option and because of that I can not play 24bit files through foobar2000.
If I install official driver from Tone Board Khadas page, I have doubled 24bit values so I really don’t know what to think about this Board. Can you help me, Khadas? Regards

Generic driver windows 10 (missing 24bit completely):


Official XMOS v2.24 driver from khadas page (doubled 24bit values):

try this


Oh this one is perfect. Is it going to expire so I will have to roll back to old v2.24? Is there non eval version. I don’t know why Khadas team will not fix these issues… KTB definitely needs to be fixed…

This is temporary solution. What should I do after it expires?