Khadas tone board from aliexpress

Big regards to everyone
I ordered on the Khadas tone board on Aliexpress
Khadas Official Store
And it came to me without a cable similar to the one on the official Khadas page (my is black canvas) without 20 pin SMT head and on all the pictures I’ve seen on the connectors it written 47 16S T57, on my it written 47 16S 2D8 . And I have no markings on the chips.
I don’t know if it’s all right or not?

Hello, The Tone Board comes in two versions. A VIMs version for mounting to VIM SBCs, and a Generic version. The Generic version does not come with mounted 40 pin or 20 pin headers. The parts used to be supplied with the Generic version, but were not mounted. Not sure if the parts still come with it.
The USB-C to USB-A cables have changed from the original. You can see recent example on the Khadas Shop page.

Which connectors?

Which chips?

i am new to this, any help i welcome . I don’t know if I translated well. Capacitor !
Thanks in advance .

Hi @Maka982
It’s the DATE CODE of the production time, and usually, the date code will be different for each time that we sourcing the compoments :slightly_smiling_face:

Have fun!

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The components marked as 47 16S 2D8 are 47uF, 16 volt capacitors. The last letters, 2D8, are different than mine(T57), but that is likely due to different lots, dates or different sources of that part. None would be cause for alarm, in my opinion.

Regarding the chip you have circled on the lower left in your photo. The numbers on these chips can be hard to see with the naked eye. Many cameras can also struggle to see these markings. Has much to do with light as well.
Here is a photo of that chip on my TB. My TB is an earlier unit.

Welcome to the community. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

Much information has been gathered in these forums. Khadas Docs has additional information, like this from the Tone Board section.


Thank you very much!

Thank you very much, because you took the time for me !

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You did not say the most important thing, but I hope everything works fine for you! :wink:

Apologies this may come across as a gut reaction, but this post is awful has any critical thinking been employed before the orginal post? Did the OPer search and read any forums posts about the ToneBoard?
It clealy states (see below) on Khadas’s own website there are 2 versions.

I am pretty sure i am not alone with purchases from AliExpress over the years, given (after looking) at there feedback and reviews on there official shop why you made the post and did not contact Khadas directly through AliExpress?

If you had already (from what you wrote) studied pictures comparing boards, how do you not know about eg. date codes, part numbers and batch codes etc?

A quick search on whatever search engine would reveal the answers you require and most importantly did the board sound like a clone? Given the realatively low volume production of the TB and it’s quality of manufacture it is very unlikely anyone would clone the board and if they did a visual inspection and 10 sec listen would reveal all…

THD0000001 ,
a person registered 13 hours ago, I admit that he did not understand the issues and published this post, I think it’s okay, especially since there is a forum to clarify many points :wink:

Yes, I must confess reading this post on waking and seeing the rain :wink: did not help my mood :wink: Some gratitude to all the posters who offered there time and knowledge to the OPer.

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The sound is very good, very dynamic with lots of details. I’m currently comparing it to the Topping D30. It seems to me that it has a stronger bass and the treble is a bit lower but more realistic. Good job.
The Generic version is and should have 40pin header and 20pin header in the package, but it doesn’t matter :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for the tip, I think it will help a lot when buying this device! :slightly_smiling_face:

yes this dac sounds very good, i’ve bought 2 to build one dual mono dac :thinking::grin:


I have a similar question regarding this thread.

Recently, I have got a new board from the Polish reseller, BOTLAND. I unpacked the board, and the packaging was apparently fine. However, the board has a small scratch on the PCB, marked with arrow in the picture. How could it be made, is it a factory fault? Also, the board is marked as 12 18 - does it mean the very first version of the board? I bought it as a brand new product. Feel confused.