Khadas Tone Board for VIMs

Didn’t know that, always relied on optical S/PDIF :sunglasses:

Just to add to @balbes150 comment I’d also vote for flexible able - especially for audio/video layouts I’d think of low height horizontal case to match somewhat usual hi-fi devices :grinning:

Sad to see that your extension board does not have 7.1 or 5.1 output like X6000-7.1CH Audio Expansion Board for Raspberry Pi 1. That cuts VIM’s potential to be complete setup for home theater without external sound processor.

Actually, the Tone board can be extended to 8 channels with the above FPC connector. :wink:


I think there is a lot of options out there if someone wants to use software decoders for multi-channel audio. I want to point that all of them are “not real” 7.1 in terms of the standards and specification of DD/DTS and newer and this is not just a license.

Music Audio (or Stereo) from other hand is much more important, especially when RPi has that “born-bug” in terms of music audio abilities.

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V12 is on the way:

From V10 to V12, every revision seems a lot different in outlook :yum:


The addition of this board is going to make it very difficult to add a heatsink and fan to the VIM’s. Has anyone thought of this ?


Nope, our official heat sink and cooling fan are designed for both DIY-Case and Tone Board.


So when do you start marketing the Tone Board? I want to buy one… :nerd_face:

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Me too! :slight_smile:

Looking very Gouwa, usual VIM quality excellent.:nerd_face:

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Hi @Stefan

Couple questions.

  1. What’s the primary use of the tone board?
  2. Can it replace an a/v receiver?
  3. If so, what other components are needed to completely replace it


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DAC (usually used by audio lovers to listen to music with much better sound quality)

NO (you still need amplifier or receiver)

I don’t understand what are you asking here

Thanks @Stefan.

Ultimately, I want to get rid of my current Roku and Sony AVR. I want to replace it with the VIM2 and Tone Board. You mentioned that I still need an amplifier, which I understand.

What other pieces of equipment are needed for the audio side of my Home Theater setup? I need the VIM2 (obviously), the Tone Board, an amplifier big enough to power a 5.1 setup. What else is needed here? Is Dolby Digital, Dolby Atmos, DTS, and other surround sound formats possible with this setup?


VIM is a player/streamer only. If your receiver have DD/DTS/etc and have HDMI in, you will need speakers only :slight_smile:

If your receiver don’t have HDMI you still can get SPDIF from the VIM’s GPIO (it is easy - pins 13 and 14 if i remember corectly)

Tone Board is mainly for stereo audio! DAC mean Digital-to-analogue converter. To get sount from VIM even multichannel, you don’t need to have Tone Board but will help for better stereo.


VIM+TB for stereo music - connect trough RCA (analogue) to some free RCA input of your A/V receiver

VIM (with or without TB) for multi-channel - use HDMI or spdif out

If you wanna go for more than DD/DTS - use linux. If you don’t need more you can use android
Hi-Res music - definitely linux

If you use Android on VIM2 instead of linux, consider fan


Do not confuse @Surfshack66 plz. You need 5V from pin 1 only for optical (toslink) output. For spdif (RCA) pin 13 and 14 are enough.

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Is there any news on release?


Hi Fer.f.v.d,
Thank you for your attention,and its function test is completed already ! We are busy with the final tuning and have begun the trial production . It will be meeting you ASAP!


-93dB of thd + noise at 1khz is still not low enough to my opinion, given the ess chip you use…

We use the ES9038Q2M DAC

this chip is rated for -120dB thd+n, why do you measure only -93dB ?
there is a huge difference