Khadas Tone Board 1 Issues Updating Firmware To V2.00


I have been trying to update the firmware on my KTB 1 to V2.00, but the TUSBAudio Firmware Upgrader keeps failing. I have tried unplugging/plugging back in the KTB multiple times, along with using a different cable. Do you have any advice for me?

I have been having issues lately with my KTB cutting out and not outputting any audio (requiring me to unplug and plug it back in before it works again) and I was hoping that updating the firmware could solve this issue. If you have any advice for that issue as well, I’d love to hear it.


Thank you!

Fixed! I tried today with a different cable in a different USB port and it worked just like that. I had already tried two usb cables in different ports so I don’t understand, but oh well, I’m happy!

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