Khadas Tone Board 1 & 48xDSD

Hi, I recently started to use HQPlayer and there is the option to upsample 48, 96, 192 to DSD at “family” sample rates, ie 48xDSD:
DSD64 s/r 3072000
DSD128 s/r 6144000
DSD256 s/r 12288000
DSD512 s/r 24576000
Does the KTB 1 support these sample rates? Of course I tried and it works fine but as there is no display to confirm I have the doubt that it converts to
DSD64 s/r 2822400
DSD128 s/r 5644800
DSD256 s/r 11289600
DSD512 s/r 22579200
Thanks for your answer

… anybody out there?

Hi stefano_mbp
Tone1 specs is here.
DSD512 can work at Tone1 but not very good, because the frequency supported by the crystal oscillator is not very high, it may be leading to some noise at DSD512, but DSD256 is perfect, enjoy.

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Thanks Kenny, but this doesn’t answer my question.
DSD sample rates are not specified in the specs
They can be 44.1xDSD and 48xDSD
Is KTB1 compatible with 48xDSD?
Ie. is it compatible with
48xDSD256 = 12288000
or just with
44.1xDSD256 = 11289600 ?

Hi stefano_mbp
Tone1 support:

  • DSD64:2822400 & 3072000
  • DSD128:5644800 & 6144000
  • DSD256:11289600 & 12288000

Thank you very much Kenny!