Khadas Tone 2 Pro! 🎶

Few details!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


hi, is there an advantage using a USB 2 Tyoe C cable or a USB 3 Type C cable?

Hi patl2020.
If I’m not mistaken, the set should include a branded cable for the ToneBoard 2 Pro, it will be enough for work, they are also sold separately + an adapter, check with the purchase.


x1 Tone2 Pro (DAC + HPA).

x1 USB-C Cable.

x1 Quickstart Guide and Warranty Card.

Separate USB-C for data & power: Dual USB-C ports for separating data and power, use an optional 5V linear power supply which will take higher priority over USB power. The previous version of the ToneBoard had one usb-c for both data and power, so obviously the Tone2 Pro has an edge in this regard.

No increase in any kind of performance, power distribution with less noise interference maybe be better the USB 2.0 cable, but nothing else…

thank you (both) for the fast replies, as I will need a slightly longer than 1m cable supplied, I thought I’d ask the experts.

You will only need such a cable as in the photo, type-c / usb2.0

Hi! The khadas tone 2 pro could be used with USB cable to an android smartphone using USB audio player pro (Huawei P30)? Could I connect the smartphone to the usb port and contemporarly connect to the other usb i2s to power the device? Is it possible, eventually, to have the 30usd discount? Thanks


showing off my way of love for Tone1 +vim3 + portable battery … dont mind me please…

enjoying HiFi on the move.


I really like your switching scheme!
Good luck to you!

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Great review. I love the color you chose too. I picked the same. :slight_smile:

I’m powering mine with the iPower X from iFi Audio. It could be my imagination, but this seems to give it a tiny bit more dynamic punch. The power adapter is actually quite a bit larger than the Tone2 Pro!

I’m driving a pair of 300Ω Sennheiser HD650 headphones via a balanced cable. No shortage of power or impact at both low and high playback levels…at least to my ears.

I have ordered the balanced RCA to XLR cables. Once they are in, I’ll try the Tone2 Pro with my THX AAA 789 headphone amp. I’m expecting some improvement, but probably not much. Cheers and happy listening. :slight_smile:

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I’ve tested this, and it works. Current draw from the phone is between 370 and 420 mA, which will drain just about any smartphones battery rather quickly. Connecting something like the Anker Power Bank to the “I2S” port drops current draw from the phone down to 0.00 A, making the Tone2 Pro somewhat practical as a transportable solution.

BTW, TIDAL MQA Decoding and Rendering works perfectly on Andriod with USB Audio Player PRO. Recommended.


Hi, I know that Tone2 pro is very small, I’m thinking of taking it on the road, it would be great if there was still an internal memory for music, but then it would already be more than just a DAC, now I am thinking which headphones I should buy, in average budget, I’m sure there is something suitable

Sorry, this is not my review, I liked this review and decided to post it on the Khadas forum. I hope I haven’t violated that guy’s copyright

Haha. Got it. I’m sure he appreciates the extra views. :slight_smile:

Yes. You’ll need a music player, but if you have a reasonably modern smartphone, that should work just fine. The USB-C cable that came with the Tone2 Pro enables me to connect the Tone2 Pro to my LG V35 smartphone, and it works brilliantly (besides the rapid battery discharge…which could be solved by the Anker Power Bank). I understand that a Camera Connection Kit adapter is required for iOS devices, but I’ve not tried that yet.

On corded headphones, options are pretty much limitless with this DAC. To narrow the field, you’ll want to decide which type works for your use case. Eg., IEM, open-back (on-ear or circumaural), closed-back, etc.


BTW, the play/pause/skip functions of the Tone2 Pro work as expected when playing music from my LG V35 running USB Audio Player PRO. Pretty cool.

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