Khadas Tone 2 Pro Questions

Hi! I’m new here and just got T2P. I have some doubts about how it works and hope someone can advise me.

  1. Out of the box, we need to up date firmware right away, right?
  2. I have T2P conneceted with Tidal mainly but I have never seen Margenta light, I see only Blue for Master files. I wonder when or under what condition that the Margenta light will show up.
    Thank you all.

Hi Snovice,

1 : no firmware update at this moment, one will come in the next weeks but you can already enjoy it.
2 : in short, magenta is for rendering only (when your player like the Tidal app is decoding first, and the DAC is only rendering.
Instead of explain it all here, this is a link to a post where I fully explained it, you should understand the difference between magenta, green and blue with that : Tone 2 Pro - Khadas Audio Dashboard Sample Rate - #3 by Grooved



Thank you very much for your reply. I actually read your suggestion and followed them. So I tried to get T2P to perform only rendering but it didn’t show Magenta. Whatsoever it still show Blue for Master file. That’s why I am so doubtful what I’ve done wrong. Anyway I really like the way you explain in that discussion. It’s very simple and understandable for a beginner like me.

Thanks again!

Thanks, and you’re welcome!

To check if everything is correct, you have to start with checking Tidal setting.
You need to select your Tone2 Pro but on its own, not as “default device” (in case Windows, or certainly MacOS too, uses it as default device, it will be at the top of the list with “Default” before the name)
Then click on “More settings” on the right of the device name.

Tidal settings

And last, the two first settings should be ON and the last one OFF

Magenta in Tidal

Let me know if it works, it should be Magenta as Tidal app is doing the decoding (first unfold)
If you turn “Passthrough MQA” on, the file is send unchanged to the Tone2 Pro, and the device do it all (decoding+rendering), and you get Green or Blue.


Just tested either Enable or Disable Passthrough MQA as you advised. Unfortunately, the results are the same as it was Blue for Master file. Thank you anyway.

That’s strange, but even if it would be better to fix it, you don’t have to worry about sound quality as you get Blue (or Green) and it’s the best quality you can get.
The Magenta color is a lot confused with the best quality as it’s the color people talk the most because of a lot of DAC being only MQA renderer and not able to decoding+rendering like the Tone2 Pro

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Blue is correct for MQA Studio streams when the Tone2 Pro is doing both decoding and rendering. What do you see when you play non-Studio streams, like this one: Smile by Katy Perry on TIDAL?

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It showed Green (44.1/48k). Is it supposed to be correct comparing to yours?

Yup. For that album, green is correct when the media player is not doing the first unfold.

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Thank you very much. Now I know for sure that my T2P is quite normal.

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