Khadas Tea Will Not Charge and is Unresponsive

Khadas Tea Will Not Charge and is unresponsive as no LEDs have been able to light up. I have only used the stock USB-C to USB-C cable and have only used a 5v 1A charging source. I am unsure how to deal with this issue as I just received the device from Amazon at the beginning of November. Please advise.

I want to make sure some questions below with you.
1.Your problem is that when you used 5V/1A source to charge your tea there was not any LED showing to you,right?
2.Can your tea be turn on by long press the power button on the left side?
3.Do you use the DC souce which the voltage is above 7V?The voltage above 7V may damage tea.If your tea is damaged,you should send to us to handle it.

Hi Eric,

Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

  1. When I connect the appropriate cable and voltage to the Tea, no light appears.
  2. The LED fails to illuminate, regardless of how long I press it, whether in combination with other buttons, or when it’s plugged in or not.
  3. I have exclusively used the USB-C to USB-C and USB-C to Lightning cables provided with the Tea, charging it with the specified 5V/1A power supply. As I work with electronics, I am careful about not overcharging small devices.

Unfortunately, it now feels akin to a beautiful paperweight now. Is there a possible solution for this issue?

Thank you,

OK,you can connect to our distributor for after-sales service.

What would be the best way to do that? Thank you, Eric.

Yes,I have no better idea for to handle it. I want to know what your place is. Could you tell me?

Hello Eric68,
Forgive me for jumping into someone else’s discussion…
How can we ensure this when sometimes the android started charging the device when connected in powered off state via USB-C ?

We have designed the protection for these kinds of inrush from power off to start charging for an instant. And we did not design the protection for the persistent over-voltage from the adapter.