Khadas Tea doesn't work with Galaxy s20+

Just purchased Tea.
Using it as a USB DAC with cable works fine with my Macbook.
Bluetooth seems to work fine
But it doesn’t work well with my Galaxy s20+ android phone.

I have used both USB audio player pro (purchased license for MQA decoding) and tidal.

Both are buggy.
For TIdal, it will play one song but if I change track, it stops playing. Sometimes it does infinite loop to load the track.

For USB audio player pro, it plays tracks ok. If I exit to use my phone and come back, it gets disconnected and plays through phone speaker.

I couldn’t test on iPhone but can someone advise what I can do?

As to android phone,you must set your phone to OTG can make sure this operation.

  • For the first quesion,it will stop playing when you change track.You must make sure only Tidal occupy tea,and other players are closed.And then restart the Tidal to have a try.
  • For the second question,I think it maybe have someting to do with the settings for your phone and the App.You should set you app to keep running in the background.
  • For the third quesion,You should use lightning to C cable which has C78-USBH connector.Tea has got MFi authenticated.

Hi Eric. I actually managed to get it working.
This is what I did.

For USB audio player pro, i had to close all other apps that may play audio. It started working then.

For Tidal, I actually had to do something counter intuitive.
Upon opening a Tidal with Khadas Tea connected, I get this message.

I had to click CENCEL for Tea to work properly. Obviously, I can’t get MQA to work this way.
I am hoping this is something that can be resolved with update in the future.

So for now, it is working as I expected to. Hopefully, development team can go over and make cool updates in the future.

I love the look and sound by the way! It is outstanding product!

You can try to click OK instead.It will be bit accurate,then you can get MQA to work.

If I click Ok, it shows problem 1 that I was talking about.

It doesnt work even though there is no other app running.

I think there was another user who had similar problem.

If you want to the lossless sound,you need to choose OK,the problem you encountered may have little something to do with the Tidal App. And if it does infinite loop to load the can try to press Previous.

Like I keep saying, when I choose OK, music doesn’t play. Pressing prev, fw, pause, play, none of it works.

Only way for me to use Khadas Tea and Tidal is by selecting CANCEL or use bluetooth.

I am not so sure if it’s tidal or Tea but there is no problem with tidal using iFi Go Blu.

Also this is happening to all of Samsung device which constitute of majority of Android phone.

Lots of users and Korean users share same problem.

There was a post 21 days ago who had same problem.

OK,we try to solve this problem,it needs to update firmware.

I am testing new firmware right now. I am so excited to say it is working properly.

I click yes with Tidal and it works as intended. MQA shows magenta light.

I did find one very minor bugs that doesnt bother me.

After it first connects, when I play non-MQA it shows right color. When next song plays that is MQA, it changes to Magenta light. Then it stays in Magenta even though third song is non-MQA. I have to disconnect and re-connect to reset the colors. But when MQA plays, it will keep showing Magenta.

Anywau great work team!

OK,I will feedback to our engineer about this problem.Thank you for your reply.

Which firmware are you testing/using pls provide link.

Tea has stopped being recognised on my iPhone 12 Pro. The cable i think may be fine as the unit recognises that the cable is disconnected even though it produces no sound other than bluetooth connection.

iOS app and an official firmware by Khadas by mid November would be welcomed!