Khadas source (vims3) - How to disable WiFi?

Hey there,

Currently looking a way how to disable the wifi on the khadas source. Changing the defconfig did not help and trying to fiddle with the .config file by using the make menuconfig causes errors in the build.

Thank you for your time and sorry to be a bother.

Hello @Jamiska,
is using,
ifdown wlan0
not enough to disable the Wireless interface ?
Its an easier approach to do it rather than meddling the kernel config files…

Hi, please clarify your OS


These drivers should really be built modular instead of having us recompile the kernel everytime we want to change something.

Yes, make menuconfig is broken and tries to compile a lot of unnecessary stuff which results in errors.

Not everyone wants or needs wireless ethernet. It is just one more thing to waste battery power and cause conflicts with your actual -working- internet connection.

We really need some more official direction as to how to compile the kernel properly through this Fenix system.

more elegant solution

echo blacklist brcmfmac > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-wifi.conf

PS: or add kernel args module_blacklist=brcmfmac

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