Khadas Source + Android Studio

I tried add sources to Android Studio, but unsuccessful. Maybe anyone can help me with it. I want to modify TvSettings app for my needs. But when I add all SDK to Android Studio, it’s can’t find imported libraries in app.
I launch make otapackage, for creating /out/target/common/R and adding it as Sources to Android Studio.
Of course I do make idegen && development/tools/idegen/ and open in Android Studio via android.ipr
But it’s can’t find imports in app.
How I can work with system app in Android Studio without errors and with suggestions from AS? I understand that I can’t build it in Android Studio.

p.s. sorry for my english

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@vodik @jasonl will help you about this.

@jasonl @Terry can you help me?

It is difficult to develop the TvSettings application on Android studio

But in what way do you do it?


Ran into a similar issue when trying to integrate the Khadas Android source project into Android Studio.

Was trying to build the OTAUpgrade2 under vendor. Could anyone also help on this


Firstly, you need to add the dependency library and jar, etc
Every application is different, so it is difficult to have a standard document