Khadas Shop: Pre-Order Edge, Edge-V, New VIM2 (v1.4)

Hi Everyone!

We’ve placed the Edge, Edge-V and New VIM2 (v1.4) on our Khadas Shop for pre-orders!

All 3 are estimated to be ready this March 2019! :smiley:

For information on the difference between the Old VIM2 (v1.2 and earlier) and the New VIM2 (v1.4), you may refer to this PDF Guide.

Thank you everyone for your support, and we hope you’ll have much fun with these new Khadas SBCs!

Have fun!
You Jun
Khadas Staff

P.S. If you’re confused over the pricing, items, and inter-compatibility between SBCs and their accessories, feel free to ask about it in our forum.


still without open-cl drivers?

Is VIM2 1.4 Pro/Max Wi-Fi working on Linux mainline kernel?