Khadas Remote (Power on/off)

I also can’t turn it on remotely, so I have to press the power button on the side TV box (they are not visible, but there are 3 buttons on the side of the box… like on a mobile phone).

Tell me, does the remote control work with a delay (it turns out a dozen times per button to make something happen)?

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Thank you, I didn’t know that with the side buttons you can turn on. Which of the three is it?
It also happened to me (the press many times) I have restored to factory values ​​and it goes well again, I guess some addon interferes, but it is not logical. I think Khadas should implement better remote software

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CE-Team are looking for solutions?
Could a thread be opened in the forum in which they intervene?

№ 9 look at the diagram.

:+1: I have not tried this. Fine! Thanks for the solution.

Interfaces and buttons…

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FULL DISCLOSURE: Im a noob to this whole feild.
could you use a momentary button connected to a couple of thr GPIO pins to make it go to sleep and wake up too?